objectsmade is an ambitious product and experience design network based in Los Angeles, California.

Together we aim to create things you would actually want to keep (in your space, or memory). 

We work with themed entertainment, experiential design, and fabrication companies in developing client's idea from concept to constructibility. Our scope: modeling of 3D assets according to IP/ Brand ID criteria and design intent; coordinating technology and equipment (AV, Lighting, Projection, SFX, etc.) via BIM/Revit to expedite and facilitate the construction process.

Our office is located on the 19th floor of 515 Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071.


Themed entertainment and experience design. I am a former Imagineer trained as an architect with 9+ years of experience, developing projects beginning at concept phase through construction documents, including project management and construction supervision. I have comprehensive experience with modeling, rendering, parametric design, rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, furniture, exhibition and experience design.

Exhibition design and curation. I co-founded Haphazard, a fine art gallery that partnered with an international roster of artists and produced 20+ acclaimed exhibitions, complete with curated media, art installations, publications and products.

Financial technology. I designed market analysis systems that identify signals of emerging trends and corresponding asset classes.




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