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all about customer's wants and needs - show you understand what they are thinking and feeling

who I am, and how I can help. "I'm a qualified A...." I'm a trained silversmith so when you commission me to make your wedding bands, you get everything I know about making jewelry which is the quintessence of love". I TOTALLY GET YOU, AND HERE IS THE PROOF.

briefly tell my story. story must have a purpose




Oleg Korchinski is formally trained as an architect, with 7+ years of experience developing projects from concept phase through construction documents, including project management and construction supervision. He has comprehensive experience with digital modeling, rendering, parametric design, rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, furniture, exhibition design and construction, as well as referring to himself in the third person.

Extensive supplemental work with systems design for quantitative market research and analysis models, identifying emerging trends and corresponding asset classes; positioning and strategy consulting. 


Co-founding partner of Haphazard, a studio whose first project is a fine art gallery that has produced 10+ acclaimed exhibitions, complete with curated media, installations, publications and products.



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